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I'm a New York-based writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Slate, National Geographic Adventure, and Men's Journal, among others. I'm an avid reader and writer of fiction, and I work with purposeful companies like Micro-Documentaries to help shape content strategy. Thank you for visiting my site.




Cover photo: Maria Theresa Oloando, an indigenous guide, leads me through the jungle to Siete Cascadas, a confluence of seven waterfalls in the remote north of Ecuador. I was there to report on eco-adventures in developing countries. You can read the story here.

Telematics Update

Ever wondered why we live in a world where homes, offices, even pant pockets and airplane seats are tapped into the Internet, yet the dashboards of most automobiles remain glaringly unconnected? Some newer cars have Bluetooth, maybe some navigation. Older cars? Zilch.

Telematics is the industry filling the gap, Telematics Update the online publication covering the industry. I'm the former deputy editor of the site and a current weekly contributor who reports on important telematics topics like distraction and safety, the emergence of self-driving cars, and the rise of automotive Big Data (two-part series).


I also write the weekly intelligence brief, a round-up of all the big (or moderately big) news to make a splash on the telematics radar each week. Four years ago when I first joined Telematics Update, the brief included lots of names of companies you've likely never heard of before. Now it regularly features Google, Verizon, Sprint, Apple, and pretty much every automaker you can think of. Watching the industry come into its own and contributing to its safe growth along the way has been a fun ride.

The Weekly Brief is a round-up of all the news in telematics each week. 

The Weekly Brief is a round-up of all the news in telematics each week. 

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