Andrew Tolve

Writer + Journalist + Content Strategist

I'm a Vermont-based writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Slate, National Geographic Adventure, and Men's Journal, among others. I'm an avid reader and writer of fiction, and I work with purposeful businesses, nonprofits and foundations to help shape content strategy.

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Freelance Journalism

My freelance work focuses on the environment, sustainable practices, and people who interact with nature in exciting or unusual ways, whether it be through sport or innovation. I've covered these topics for publications including The New York Times Magazine, Slate, National Geographic Adventure, and Men's Journal.

My story on turbine-free wind power ran in the 2010 Year in Ideas Issue of the New York Times Magazine (article here) and included this video, for which I wrote the script:

My investigation of posttraumatic growth (PTG), the phenomenon of experiencing positive change in the wake of serious trauma, ran as the cover story in The Optimist Magazine in fall 2013. Thank you to the active soldiers, war veterans, cancer survivors and scientists whom I interviewed while reporting on the story. PDF here.

I've had the opportunity to cover a number of inspiring adventurists, including Santiago Quintero, an Ecuadorian mountain climber who attempted to summit K2 without toes (National Geographic Adventure); Hendri Coetzee, a South African kayaker who died in a tragic crocodile attack in Uganda (National Geographic Adventure); and ski mountaineer Greg Hill, who in 2011 bagged 2 million vertical feet of ski slopes without once taking a chair lift. That's the equivalent of climbing with a pair of skis on your back from sea level to outer space once every nine days for a whole year. The upside? Skiing back down!

Here are a few other articles you may enjoy:

  • Below the Hole, The Master's Underground Technology Fetish, Slate Magazine
  • A Haven for Those About to Rock, a behind-the-scenes look at one of SF's oldest and most colorful recording studios, The San Francisco Chronicle
  • Trash or Treasure, a three-part series investigating the persistence of trailer parks in Summit County, Colorado. Part 123. Summit Daily News  (This series won a Colorado Press Association award)

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