Andrew Tolve

Writer + Journalist + Content Strategist

I'm a New York-based writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Slate, National Geographic Adventure, and Men's Journal, among others. I'm an avid reader and writer of fiction, and I work with purposeful companies like Micro-Documentaries to help shape content strategy. Thank you for visiting my site.




Cover photo: Maria Theresa Oloando, an indigenous guide, leads me through the jungle to Siete Cascadas, a confluence of seven waterfalls in the remote north of Ecuador. I was there to report on eco-adventures in developing countries. You can read the story here.

Executive Reports

In addition to my content strategy work with specific organizations, I write larger reports for industry consumption. The reports examine novel trends or key challenges and, by way of interviews with senior level professionals working firsthand with a topic, establish a set of best practices for companies.   

I have written twelve 50-page executive reports on various subjects in the life sciences industry for FirstWord, a business intelligence agency based out of London. These reports often address how companies can better leverage technology or provide more patient-centered care.


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